The 3rd generation FireTV Stick experience is akin to sending a daughter to finishing school. 

Sending that daughter is one thing, and the change you notice while receiving her back – the finesse she acquired during her time there, and the change thereafter – is what the new Amazon FireTV Stick experience is all about. 

It looks and acts similar to its predecessor, only better and faster. In fact on appearance, both the second and third-gen FireTV Sticks look and feel the same. Even the remote of both generations are exactly the same. The heart is where the difference lies. Setup is easy peasy. Plug-in the power adapter to the HDMI port on your TV, connect to Wi-Fi, log in to your Amazon account and start watching. An existing Amazon account works perfectly to get started, while Prime membership allows streaming through both Prime Video and Prime Music. 


It’s pretty quick, and even though we can’t literally compare Amazon’s claim of 50% faster than its predecessor, it does function faster than the reflex actions of some of our colleagues. With a voice and Alexa-enabled FireTV Stick’s remote in hand, it’s easy to ditch the TV remote altogether ‘coz now you can control the TV’s power, as well as sound with the Stick’s remote. In fact, remotes of any additional sound bars and receivers can also sit by the bench while the star of the game takes centrestage. Tell Alexa to play, pause or navigate through Amazon streaming media, or ask her to playback and control other connected devices around the house, it works butter smooth. Pairing the FireTV stick with another Echo device elevates your voice control  hands-free experience to a new level. The FireTV Stick of 2020 is literally what’s made TV viewing a whole new experience, one that’s brought Alexa to all homes, and permeating seamlessly in the houses with Echo systems already in place. 

The heart of the FireTV Stick is pumped by an enhanced 1.7 GHz quad-core processor. Compared to the previous generation’s 1.3 GHz processor, the difference here is as clear as an old man with a pacemaker. Another major upgrade is the dual-band, dual-antenna WiFi that supports 5 GHz networks to stream without dawdling. It’s no Apple TV, but you’re sure to notice a visible spunk and lack of lag in the way the interface jumps between apps and streams consistently at 1080p (there’s no option to change that, sadly). Set the Audio Output to Dolby Audio, and hear the magic that you see on your screen!



If you are a FireTV Stick owner, there’s no real need for you to upgrade to the 2020 version. But if you are looking for a new streamer, it’s a flawless device that’ll make your TV viewing experience faster, one that supports HDR10 viewing in perfect tandem with Dolby Atmos to experience a new level of at-home leisure viewing.

Stuff says... 

Amazon FireTV Stick (2020) review

A modest purchase if elevating your TV viewing is what you’re looking for. Faster than the previous gen, the 2020 FireTV Stick is perhaps the most reliable streaming device out there!
Good Stuff 
Zippy menu navigation and wi-fi streaming
Alexa-enabled remote with reliable voice function
Most services and apps supported
A modest upgrade for your TV
Bad Stuff 
Lacks screen mirroring