Once upon a time, you’d have to spend the equivalent of the price of a smartphone to buy a smartwatch. Thanks to Huami, that’s not the case anymore. The company has worked really hard to bring you smart wearable technology in the form of a watch that has the smarts and doesn’t burn a gaping hole in your pocket. Without further ado, let’s talk about the Amazfit Verge...

Design and build

While the appearance of the watch seems plasticky at first, you soon accept it ‘coz you also didn’t pay the price to match a rather premium watch’s sleekness and looks. That said, once you look beyond the plastic body, you realise you’re actually better off sporting a lightweight watch on your wrist than a fancy-schmancy watch that you’d have to be careful with all the time.

The Verge features a plastic rim that protects its 1.3in curved AMOLED touchscreen. It’s chunky-looking, yet light. Coupled with Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass anti-fingerprint coating, it’s free of everyday mishaps that are synonymous with those always on the run. We’d say it's perfect for clumsy schmucks like us. Resistance to dust, rain, splashing, and accidental submersion are added pluses.

The materials used on the straps are soft and comfortable and don’t suffocating the skin. That was put to test when we sweated it out at the gym. The silicone straps are a little cheesy on first glance but once you get used to the functionality of the watch, it’s hard to even consider these as flaws.


Battery life and storage

What kept the Verge on our wrist for over three weeks was its amazing battery life that lasted us up to five days even after exploiting it fully for all its features. Whether it’s receiving calls or the ability to track daily activity flawlessly, except for a lost Bluetooth connection with our iOS device once or twice, it didn’t disappoint.

The watch runs on Amazfit App, not Wear OS. Though the OS is a pretty independent one, reducing the need to refer to the app coz the watch takes care of most information and stats on the screen. Lost connection can be restored by rebooting.

Music fanatics have the option of connecting wireless Bluetooth earbuds to enjoy music (screen-free), thanks to the 2.4GB internal storage, without worrying about space issues.


It’s made for sports tracking...

The sports tracker includes activities such as indoor and outdoor running, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling, elliptical trainer, mountain climbing, trail run, soccer, tennis and skiing. Efficiently track your progress, irrespective of the sport. Though all sports modes didn’t find much use with me, I was very pleased with my indoor and outdoor walking and cycling tracking.


Ever since its launch at the beginning of the year, Amazfit Verge has become a reliable companion. Huami’s flagship sports watch ticks all the boxes in fitness and communication. We can happily recommend it to those who’re looking for looks, fitness abilities and all other functions of a reliable smartwatch.

It very well could be your go-to sports tracker. It’s mighty affordable, for starters. Look beyond the plastic surface and the few Bluetooth glitches I faced, it is a handy watch for the price. Receive calls (a feature only available for Android-run devices for now), read WhatsApp and Instagram messages on the screen and you can basically limit the time spent on the phone to check even the most useless of notifications. Phone addiction is likely to reduce quite a bit if you learn to only look at it for the important stuff.

Stuff says... 

Amazfit Verge review

Get your money’s worth, improved fitness goals could be an added bonus.
Good Stuff 
Ambient sensor that adapts to change in lighting conditions
Plastic rim saves it from accidental scratches
Bad Stuff 
Plastic body
Can receive calls on the watch but the feature is only compatible with Android devices