With the look and feel of headphones much higher up the price ladder, the AKG K451s would surely disappoint when it came to sound. Surely? Actually, no.

Equally at ease with low bit-rate compressed music as they are with higher quality CD sources, these are cans that cannot be overlooked by any music fan.

Great value, sweet sound

When a pair of headphones receives five stars at 15000, then drops to about 5000, you know you’re on to a good thing. The K451s are light on your head, but sturdy enough to be stuffed in a bag. And they do a fantastic line in punchy, solid bass, rich and detailed vocals and clear, sweet-sounding treble. Want to know what they’d taste like if they were 
a pudding? Delicious raspberry chocolate fondant, that’s what.

A foldable design for easy stowage, plus an additional cable that has volume controls and an in-line mic makes them suitable for mobile listening, too. If you like it loud, you won't be disappointed, and even at high volumes there's a surprising amount of control across the frequency spectrum. And don't worry - while the design makes them look open-backed they're actually closed, so your neighbours on the bus won't hear your Kylie Minogue tunes unless you pump them up to silly levels.

In short, they're awesome. We loved them at 15000, so at 5000 they're an absolute steal. Buy a pair now - you really won't regret it.

Stuff says... 

AKG K451 review

Hi-fi for half a ton. 
A bit of a no-brainer
Good Stuff 
Lightweight and portable
Comfortable fit
Great sound
Bundled, interchangeable cables