All the Amazon Device Deals for Prime Day 2020

From smart home tech to the best e-readers out there, here are the best Amazon device deals for Prime Day 2020.

Happy Prime Day everyone! What better way to celebrate than with dirt cheap gadgetry? 

Amazon love to get involved with their own devices too, with deep discounts across their Echo, Kindle and Fire tablet lines. 

Keep an eye on other categories on our Prime Day hub, but in the meantime, here are all the Amazon device special offers you need to know about... 

Is there an Echo in here?

I’m the Fire-starter (both at home and on-the-go)...

...But to start a fire, you need kindle

Compress your library into a tiny device that is easy to take with you anywhere and spend a few hours losing yourself to good stories! 

Kindle (2019) - just £44.99 (36% off) 

Kindle Oasis (2019) - just £159.99 (30% off)