The 30 best Nintendo Switch games

UPDATE: Tony Hawk skates onto Switch and Mario tees off once again

Back when the Switch first released, we didn't know whether there'd be enough games beyond The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to keep us entertained.

Boy were we wrong. More than 1,000 games later – including many, many gems in the mix – the Switch has proven to be an absolutely essential console. Nintendo has pumped the system full of great exclusives, but it also has many of greatest picks from other platforms including a treasure trove of indie favourites.

Looking for something fresh to play, or just want to make sure you've hit all of the essentials? Here are our picks for the 30 best Nintendo Switch games to play today.

Additional words: Matt Tate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

No doubt: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate absolutely lives up to its name. It's both a greatest hits package of the long-running series to date and also a strong step forward in terms of the amount of content available to soak in.

Packed with 74 fighters on in the base game, including every previous brawler and some new ones, you'll have a blast mashing attack buttons and pummeling the likes of Mario, Link, and the Splatoon kids (among many others). The new Spirit system provides a truly incredible amount of classic gaming references to unlock, and the core hook of pummeling gaming's greatest heroes still hasn't faded.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Yet another game from the ill-fated Wii U's library has made its way to Switch, and Super Mario 3D World remains one of the best plumber's best, expertly bridging the gap between 2D and 3D Mario platforming. It was also the first three-dimensional Mario game to feature four-player co-op, which is just as bonkers and brilliant now as it was back in 2013. 

But the resurrection of 3D World isn't the only talking point here. You're also getting an entirely new game in Bowser's Fury, an fascinating open-world experiment that sees Nintendo's mascot trying to take down a kaiju-like Bowser while dressed as a cat. Yes, it's as weird as it sounds, and a must-play for Mario completionists.