The Tron light cycle is (almost) real, meet the Lotus C-01

If you have deep pockets, better act fast. Only 100 of these light cycle lookalikes will be produced

Holy crap! The light cycle is real! Light races!

Woah, woah, hold your horses, don’t get too excited. The Lotus C-01 isn’t going to spew light trails. It’s link to Tron: Legacy, besides its near similar look, is that the Lotus C-01 is designed by Daniel Simon, the same man who conceptualised the light cycles in the sci-fi flick.

What? No light trails? Bah, sounds boring.

Not if you’re a biker fanatic. Straddle its 1195cc 75-degree short-stroke V-Twin engine between your legs, and you’ll feel the roar of this monster. Just lie across the bike, feel the engine rev and imagine you’re gearing up for the race of your life.

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Wait a minute, Lotus makes sports cars. Is this a hoax?

No, though technically, Lotus isn’t making the light cycle wannabe. The C-01 is a collaboration between motorsports veterans and Kodewa, known for its expertise in racecar building. Ignore the details, wouldn’t you want to tell people you own a Lotus?

Ok, it’s not a light cycle. Why should I be bothered?

Why? Because this two-wheeled wonder’s 200 horsepower will give you a huge acceleration boost. Expect a smooth ride thanks to the two remote reservoir shock absorbers. Oh, did we mention it comes in three colour palettes that’ll make people go green with envy? Don’t forget that big Lotus brand, that’ll get anyone’s attention.

Time to suit up and get this bike!

Good luck with that. There’ll only be 100 C-01s for purchase. We’re guessing it’s going to cost way more than the usual choppers out there. But hey, if you’ve deep pockets, head on over to the Lotusforums and keep an eye on its availability.


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