10 best apps for the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

WhatsApp (Free)

Want to see why Facebook paid over S$16 billion for WhatsApp? Then download its ubiquitous messenger app, which allows you to communicate with your contacts – or whole groups of them – in far more ways than IM: voice messages, photos, video clips, emoji and location data are among the things you can send in an instant.

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Yahoo Weather (Free)

A decent weather app is a must for anyone living the unpredictable UK, and Yahoo! makes one of the best free examples around. Its beauty lies in its simplicity: the main page shows only the current temperature, conditions and daily high and low, but scroll down and you get an hour-by-hour breakdown of the next seven hours, plus a five- or ten-day forecast. If you wish, you can add other locations too.

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AntennaPod (Free)

It might not be the most elegant-looking of podcast feed wranglers, but the open-source AntennaPod works well and won’t cost you a penny. You can add podcasts to your feed via OPML import from another podcatcher, browse the gpodder.net or Miro Guide directories or enter feed URLs manually. Then, every time you refresh the latest episodes of your favourite podcasts will appear for easy download and playback.

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Table Top Racing (Free)

A mash-up of Super Mario Kart and old-school favourite Micro Machines, Table Top Racing offers a triple whammy of great visuals, decent driving mechanics (for a touchscreen) and addictive gameplay (as with Angry Birds, you’ll want to three-star every level). Fantastic freebie fun.

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Kindle (Free)

You’ll doubtless be familiar with the Kindle app already, but we’ve picked it because it’s ideally suited to the Z1 Compact: thanks to the phone’s waterproof build, you can bring it into the bath with you and get stuck into your current novel.

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This phone is perfect in every sense but I hope Sony improves the low light picture taking ability of their phones.

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