The 10 best Sony PlayStation 4 games



Ubisoft's big next-gen debut made some promises it couldn't keep, but that doesn't prevent Watch_Dogs from being the most interesting new open-world experience out on PlayStation 4 thus far.

Taking place in a semi-realistic version of Chicago, you play a hacker with the power to change traffic lights, cause pipes to burst, and perform other tricks to help you not only survive, but also get a jump on the thugs hunting you.

Sure, some of the missions aren't quite as open as we'd have liked and the main character is distinctly unlikeable, but it's big, bold and offers plenty of entertainment.

Best for… an early-gen open-world fix

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"From the makers of Bastion" is about as sure of a recommendation as there is, and thankfully, Transistor very much lives up to that hype. Like its spiritual predecessor, it's an isometric action experience within a stunning original world, with plenty of character customisation and one more alluring hook: voice-over while you play, this time provided by your very own glowing blade.

Best for… combat and contemplation alike

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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Lara Croft's cocky, guns-blazing act got tired over the course of 17 console-dominating years, so Crystal Dynamics put that long-established template on the shelf and started afresh.

What they came up with is an amazing rebirth for the series, telling young Croft's new origin story after she's shipwrecked on a peril-filled island. As with all the best Tomb Raider games there's plenty of intriguing exploration to be done here, but for once the story avoids cliche and it definitely fills the action-adventure void until Uncharted 4 arrives.

Best for… stunning, enthralling action

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Rayman Legends

Rayman is the only game besides Nintendo's own flagship that offers Mario-quality platform action these days – and in the 2D space, it's arguably been better of late. And while the wonderful Legends is a great game on most platforms, it's truly at its best on PlayStation 4. 

With utterly fabulous art design and remarkably crisp graphics punctuating a colourful and creative quest, there's plenty to feast your eyes on here. But the real charm comes with the co-op mode, which allows four local players to team up and take on an incredible wealth of content.

Best for… cooperative fun with mates

Wolfenstein: The New Order


It's a tall task to take a seminal (but rather dated) franchise and rebuild it for a new generation, and doubly so to inject it with narrative heft where before it relied on run-and-gun action. But Wolfenstein: The New Order largely nails the task, setting up entertaining Nazi-blasting scenarios while delivering a storyline that's more than mere filler. Innovative? Nah. Invigorating? You bet.

Best for… mostly mindless massacring

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