Roadtrip Mixtape automatically makes a music playlist based on your route

But be warned: this Spotify-friendly web app has a tendency to pick some right stinkers

When planning a road trip, there are few things more important than the music. Sure, you could just hook your iPod up to the car stereo and hit shuffle – but where’s the fun in that? What you really need is a selection of tunes that’s somehow relevant to your specific journey. And now there’s a web app that will create one for you.

Roadtrip Mixtape uses the talents of Google Maps and Spotify. Head the the site, type in the starting location and destination of your journey and the app will do the rest.

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How does it work? It looks at your route and uses artists and bands that originate in the towns and cities along it, picking them in an order that reflects your journey. So if you’re driving from London to Oxford your playlist might kick off with Coldplay and end with Radiohead. You can’t filter playlists at all, however, so there’s no way to shape its picks to a particular genre or genres. So you could go straight from a West End show tune to black metal (which can be a bit jarring when you’re trying to negotiate a roundabout).

Tracks will play from the web app itself, and at present you can only open individual songs in Spotify’s web player – neither of which are much use when you’re actually on the road. What it really needs is a way to export its playlists into Spotify so they can be played through the mobile app – and that’s apparently planned as a future feature.

Give Roadtrip Mixtape a shot here.

[Via A.V. Club]

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