Temporarily ink yourselves, and have it connect to your Motorola smartphone

This US$1 temporary tattoo unlocks your Motorola Moto X smartphone

Have you ever wanted to ink yourselves, but have a weak threshold for pain? Yes, there are temporary tattoos, but some of you might have abandoned the idea of getting one because it serves no purpose and just sits on you as body graffiti.

But now, VivaInk has a solution for you that lets you ink yourselves the painless way and have it connect to your Moto X smartphones (sorry other phone users, it’s only exclusive to the newly launched Motorola for now).  

What this digital tattoo does, when applied to your skin, is automatically unlock your smartphone with a tap. It will definitely solve the first world crisis for those of you who find that remembering and keying in a passcode every single time you use your phone is a chore. 

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It's tiny, but smart

Now, this wearable “tattoo” is not customisable and it’s just a coin-sized sticker that you adhere on your wrist, arm, or wherever on your body that works for you. But the technology behind it is quite smart, and easy.

Flaunted as the “simplest” way to unlock your Moto X, it makes use of NFC functionality to “talk” to your smartphone and authenticate the unlock function when you use it to tap the sticker. Of course, you’ve got to sync the device to your Moto X’s NFC unlock function first.

Each waterproof sticker should last you about five days of life, including showers and workouts unless maybe, you decide to scrub a layer off yourselves when you bathe. It’s also worth noting that VivaInk did state wear time varies with “skin type and activity level”.

But with a cost of US$9.99 (RM32.08) for a packet of 10, you can go through them without having them burn a massive hole in your pockets.

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[Source and image: Android Community

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