Microsoft beefs up its Xbox One entertainment offering with plans to unveil 45 new apps

But don’t get too excited yet – they’ll only surface towards the end of the year

Just a few days ago, Microsoft began pushing out an update to the Xbox platform that makes entertainment apps on it free. If that wasn’t already a big move, the vendor will soon be adding 45 more new apps to its Xbox One entertainment portfolio.

This move will amp its app army to more than 225 worldwide. But hold your horses – the apps will only be made available to us towards the end of the year, specifically “by the end of the holiday season,” it claimed in its blog post.

According to Microsoft, it’s zooming its focus into the entertainment space, as it believes people are spending more time on the Xbox platform for entertainment purposes, like watching movies, as compared to playing games on it.

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So what can we expect?

Some of the key apps that will be made available include Twitter, HBO, Comedy Central, VEVO, MTV, NBA, SyFy Now, and Vine. What interests us the most, is its deal with Twitter, here’s why.

So the Twitter app isn’t one that just feeds you a replica stream of what you get on the Twitter mobile app or its website. It will highlight shows that are trending on Twitter, which you can then watch using another app.

Additionally, it will also be incorporated into the TV listings section of OneGuide, where you’ll be able to view shows that users are tweeting about in real-time.

We’re hoping Microsoft has more to say about these apps, or maybe even disclose specific app information at the upcoming E3 convention next week. 

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[Source and image: PCWorld]

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