McLaren 650S is a 641bhp monster

McLaren's latest supercar will take you from 0-207mph faster than you can say, "Blimey, that's a bit fast"

Wow, that's a car and a half.
Yup – specifically, it's a McLaren 12C and a half. The latest effort from the Woking-based supercar manufacturer is based on the 12C, but adds tech and design cues borrowed from the range-topping McLaren P1. 

Tech? What tech?
Well, for starters the front end has been redesigned, with a new look that's based on the P1. But it's not just a pretty face; the 650S sports a new front splitter, "door blades" behind the front wheel to smooth out airflow, and bigger side intakes to keep the engine cool.

The result of all this tinkering? The 650S generates 40 per cent more downforce than the 12C it's based on, up to 150mph. McLaren's also boosted the twin-turbo V8 engine to generate 641bhp, taking you from 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds, with a top speed of 207mph. The springs are 22 per cent stiffer, while carbon-ceramic brakes come as standard.

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McLaren 650S is a 641bhp monster -  2McLaren 650S is a 641bhp monster -  3

So it's a hardcore version of the 12C for speed freaks, then.
Not exactly – thanks to new damper mounts, McLaren claims that the ride in the 650S is actually more comfortable than the 12C. The brakes have been tweaked for a smoother feel at low speeds, while gear changes in auto mode are also smoother thanks to new clutch software. And there are creature comforts in the cabin, too; sat-nav, DAB radio and Alcantara trim come as standard, while a rear parking camera's an option.

Sounds almost practical. Perfect for the school run. How much?
£195,000 (RM1,074,950) for the Coupe, and £215,000 (RM1,185,200) for the Spider. That's £20,000 (RM110,250) more than the 12C, but when the carbon-ceramic brakes fitted as standard to the 650S are a £10,000 (RM55,125) option on the 12C, it almost looks like a bargain.

[via Autocar]

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