The man that fired Steve Jobs is now launching a smartphone brand in India

Don’t expect an Indian iPhone though as these phones are more budget oriented

John Sculley might be forever known as the man that fired Steve Jobs but that hasn’t really stopped him from being involved in the tech scene. He’s one of the people behind the Misfit Shine and now he’s getting into smartphones as well.

Don’t expect pricey, tier 1 smartphones like his former company is producing. This is after all a lower cost market. Instead the phones will be priced between RS5000 (RM265) to RS15,000 (RM795), which is in the budget range.

There isn’t any details of what sort of phones they’ll be, what operating system they’ll be running on or even what the brand’s name is. We’re pretty sure we’ll be hearing more about them in the months to come though.

The man who’ll be running the brand will be Ajay Sharma, the former head of Micromax’s smartphone division and one time head of HTC India. There’s even a Singapore connection as Singapore-based Inflexpoint, which Sculley is a founding partner of, is funding the brand. 

Source: BGR

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