The 10 best Google Nexus 5 apps to download first

Make the most of your Nexus 5 to this smattering of hand-picked apps. Go on, it deserves it

Your Nexus 5 has settled in well. It's become accustomed to the warmth of your pockets, your loving hands, and your inquisitve cat Mr. Tibbles.

It's ready for a life of loyal servitude, so get things off to a solid start by setting it up with some of these apps to ensure that all its needs are met from day one.

Snapseed (free)

This comprehensive photo editing app throws up a whole host of tweaking options to ensure that you can squeeze the very best out of the snaps taken with the Nexus 5's 8MP camera. Filters, borders, adjustments - you name it, it's got it. 

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SwiftKey Keyboard (US$4.80)

This is probably the best US$4.80 (RM15.38) you'll ever spend. SwiftKey's disturbingly accurate predictions only get better over time as it learns your writing style and you can even choose to swipe across the keys if you prefer that to traditional tapping. The latest version even lets you split the keyboard layout up, arranging both sides in whatever position is comfortable for you.

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Call of Duty: Strike Team (US$6.99)

We know how it is. You have to leave the house to get supplies in between head-shotting enemies. But that doesn't mean you can't practice in the self-checkout queue. Call of Duty: Strike Team slips CoD's bullet-riddled action into your pocket, taking advantage of the Nexus 5's razor sharp full HD screen and powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, serving up explosive first and third-person shooting action.

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DashClock Widget (free)

DashClock will super charge your Nexus 5's lock screen by injecting it with extra notifications, all of which can be customised. From upcoming calendar appointments to local weather, Gmail messages and more, you'll have all the important info you need at a glance.

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Netflix (free)

If you're glued to the latest Korean dramas, this one's a no-brainer. Shed some tears and get acquainted with that warm fuzzy feeling when you watch some of the most epic love stories or unbelievable drama streamed through PPTV. The Nexus 5 is a card-carrying 4G member now too, which means less time buffering and more time enjoying your favourite shows.

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