Google Glass hack pumps GTA 3's map directly into your eyeballs

If you're reading this then congratulations on escaping the snare of GTA V…

We love Google Glass. We love Grand Theft Auto. And now we love Android developer Mike DiGiovanni for combining both of them in an ingenious little hack.

By creating a PC app to capture GTA 3's GPS map DiGiovanni has managed to pump it directly onto Google Glass' display over Wi-Fi, letting you navigate the streets of Liberty City in a whole new dimension.

While it only reaches around ten frames per second, it's still reportedly smooth enough to drive around with minimal pedestrian casualties, though the constant screen-on time does kill Glass' battery after just one hour.

While it won't work with GTA V due to the requirement for a PC, we're hoping that Glass and the next-gen consoles will get to play nice with each other when all the dust has settled after their respective launches. Join us in crossing our fingers, won't you?

[Tech Crunch]

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