Game of Thrones: Which of these ultimate gaming chairs will win over your butt?

The Everything Chair

This inflatable chair has well, everything you might need to make you want to sit on it the whole day. A slot for your magazines or your comics books, built-in speakers, and a place to park your cups? You got it. Too embarrassed to let anyone find out about the hours you squandered away just sitting on a cushy lump of air? Simply deflate it and stow it away real quick before you invite your friends over.

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Doob Fwoompz

The ever reliable beanbag will hug your body shape so you never have to worry about feeling unloved in a beanbag. The S$149 forward-thinking Fwoomp is even clad in water-resistant material to guard against potential spillages. One size fits all, so feel free to fall back into the non-judgemental embrace of your Fwoomp and game away to your heart’s desire.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

This is everything you need - a desk and seat combination for ultimate comfort. In this position, your legs are fully stretched out and eyes level with the monitor so that frustrating crick in your neck won’t come into play. Transform it into a driving set-up, powerful PC gaming zone, or just a place where you get work done. Whatever it is, it's definitely going to be done in pleasurable comfort. 

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