Online directory board FINDIT is now on Maxis

Maxis and FINDIT partner up for localised edition of digital directory app

Maxis recently entered a partnership with FINDIT to provide their users with the broadscale directory app free of charge, adding another member to their line of tie-in services

Seems like Maxis is on a roll with their tie-in app partnerships. Not too long ago, it added Spotify to the list of goodies available to Maxis subscribers.

Online directory board FINDIT is now on Maxis

For those not in the know, FINDIT functions as an online directory board with business listings, places to eat and deals on top of having basic directions functions to get you to said places. The app will even post suggestions based on their closest location with FINDIT’s location-based features.

Maxis users get to use the service for free; meaning no data charges are incurred when you search with the app. The app is free to download, even for non-Maxis users, but data charges will apply to your carrier.

FINDIT is available for free on Google Play and App Store. Maxis users can download it via UMB by dialing *200H from their mobile.

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