Design Tuesday: 6 of the most uncomfortable-looking chairs in the history of sitting

Dinsor Pencil Chair by Anon Pairot

Created by Singapore-based designer Anon Pairot, the chair is supposed to reflect the art of our everyday lives. All we can say is we hope those pencils haven’t been sharpened or been placed pointy side up at least.

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Terrarium Chair by Deger Cengiz

It’s not all that glass that looks uncomfortable, it’s that fat cactus situated right underneath the seat that makes us a little hesitant. Designed to investigate the effect of visual data on experience, all we can say is that it’s really effective. Thanks but no thanks, we’d rather stand.

Stick Chair by Samwoong Lee

Created to express new form through lines that start from a single point, this chair needs a big space to properly shine. We hope the wood has been sanded down properly, or someone’s going to end up with splinters in many awkward places.

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