OrbitSound Spaced360 bluetooth speakers want to take over your living room

A wireless sound system that looks as good as this deserves your attention

Looks like the engineers at home audio company OrbitSound took things a bit literally when told to deliver something with great all-round sound, because that's exactly what they've done. 

Its new brand, Spaced360 is aimed at a younger crowd, which is apparent from its first funky-looking offering, the NFC-enabled Spaced360 Bluetooth speaker. With six drivers - three on mid-high frequencies, the other three on low-end - it creates a "sweet spot" that converges to deliver sweet, sweet music wherever you are in the room by pushing it out in a 360-degree arc. 

All this is powered by a battery that can go on between four to six hours, though you can also keep it plugged in.

Pricey novelty

Priced at £250 (RM1353), the speaker will only be available in the UK at first, but is purchaseable online. The company is looking at overseas markets so who knows, maybe this one will find its way over to the music-loving folk here.

You also have the option of buying funky coloured covers for your speakers, which go for £30 (RM162) each, but there's currently a promotion that gives them out for free to early buyers.

[Source: Engadget]

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