The Mac at 30: Apple's 10 most memorable Macs

5. iMac G3 (1998)

The iMac was a radical departure from ‘traditional’ computer design (even Apple’s), with its friendly, colourful translucent shell that allowed anyone to peer inside. Apple had reinvented the computer for the rest of us, providing a machine you’d happily display in a living room rather than consign to a dusty study. Sales were strong, possibly even saving Apple; the iMac was also the point that an entire industry began using Apple for R&D, initially sparking a depressingly vapid trend for slapping coloured plastic on even the beigest of computer hardware.

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6. Power Mac G4 Cube (2000)

An audacious failure, the G4 Cube appeared to float above your desk, optical discs playfully ejecting from the top, toaster-style. The high price tag and relatively low power saw the machine put on ice after just one year, but Apple learned lessons regarding packing plenty of hardware into tiny, unconventional cases; the Cube’s spirit therefore lives on in much of Apple’s range.

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