8 hurdles preventing Malaysia from becoming a tech utopia

3. Ultra high speed fibre optic broadband network that cannot penetrate walls

With millions of dollars spent on developing broadband networks, anyone could be forgiven to think that highspeed ether juice will be seeping into every port beckoning every connectable device onto the Internet.

But, alas, no.

Routers, apparently, don't seem to serve any function other than blink tiny lights when faced with a wall. Its connectivity radius can be touted to be 50 metres, but that's without having a wall standing in the way.

A wall, apparently, is formidable enough to prevent your gadget from latching onto a broadband network. Which is unfortunate for us, seeing that we're a first world country with many buildings, and thus, many walls. 

Image: Wikipedia

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4. No nation-wide Internet coverage

If you cannot get an Internet connection as you are in an underground car park or stuck in a lift, scarcity is understandable.

But we're still nowhere near to getting decent Internet connections over in East Malaysia or states (besides Penang) too far from the Klang Valley.

Image: BumiTel

5. Different types of cables for different brands of gadgets

You cannot plug a Samsung cable into an iPhone and vice versa. Imagine how much more progressive and efficient we'd be with the one charging cable to rule all gadgets.

Case closed.

Image: Soundhug

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