Get lucky this Valentine's Day with 6 fail-proof dating apps

1. Tinder: Swipe, favourable thumb

Tinder has taken the world by storm. If you’re 'in the market' and haven’t heard of it, you're definitely not looking hard enough.

Get lucky this Valentine's Day with 6 fail-proof dating apps - 1. Tinder: Swipe, favourable thumb 2

Load it up, let it work out your location and shazam; a load of snapshots to flick through. Swipe left if you're not interested and right if you are. Talk about judging a book by its cover. But at least you can view more pictures and see their interests and shared mates if they've logged in with Facey B. That makes you feel a touch less shallow - until you start swiping again. 

Then you wait. And wait. And if you're not very successful like us, wait a little longer. Because you can only start chatting when someone you like also swipes you to the right. We nearly gave up but bagged a few matches and are flirting like there's no tomorrow. 

Extra costs: Your pride when it turns out nobody likes you
Pros: Easy to setup and use // heaps of fun // mostly genuine users // good banter 
Cons: Limited profile deets // being silenced until someone matches you back

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2. OKCupid: Too much info?

If you want the perfect match with a potential "keeper", this could be for you. Aside from the usual suspects you'll need to put in (name, ethnicity, shoe size, blah, blah), it has you answer over 1000 personality probes. It's depth sets it apart from the rest. Because by using your the answers, it’s able to give you a percentage of how you match with other members. It might all seem a bit calculated but you only have to answer the questions if you want increased chances of finding Soul Mate. The percentage score is just a guide and could be wrong if you haven't both answered the same questions.

Get lucky this Valentine's Day with 6 fail-proof dating apps - 2. OKCupid: Too much info? 2

Extra costs: US$15 (RM49) a month if you want to be an ‘A-lister’. Additional features include anonymous browsing mode (be a stalker in secret) and the ability to see who's rated your profile
Pros: Extremely detailed compatibility - if everyone answers the same questions // 90% of features available without upgrades // chat without needing to match
Cons: Could take a while to fill out all questions 

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3. Badoo: The Wild, Wild West

Once you've got your details up, Badoo checks your location and displays the people around you. You can search overseas if you’ve exhausted your options in Malaysia but there’s a load of members so if you get to that point, you may be addicted. Or super picky. 

The “Encounters” function is similar to Tinder’s swipe-to-like quirk. Tick or cross to suit your taste and wait for the push notification of welcomed news. But friend to friend, a WARNING, especially to the guys: there seems to be a few fakers, scammers and working girls on Badoo's database. Transexuals too. Which is cool, if that’s what you’re into, we just thought we should say. 

Extra costs: US$12 (RM40) a month if you want to have ‘super powers’. Additional features include the chance to message popular members, an invisible mode and the ability to see who’s favourited your profile
Pros: A huge database of members // easy to use // location specific
Cons: Some fake profiles // not everyone wants to 'take it slow' - if you know what we mean

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4 Lovoo: Is a date on the radar?

Lovoo is also location based but its unique ‘radar’ interface is novel. As soon as you start the app, you're greeted by the radar, which scans your surroundings and shows people as little dots. By tapping them, you see who they are and can see their profiles. From there you can either message them, favourite them or add them to your contacts. Someone’s been following you around KLCC, you say? This could be why.

Get lucky this Valentine's Day with 6 fail-proof dating apps - 4 Lovoo: Is a date on the radar? 2

It's free but some users need to be verified before contacting, which means sending a picture of you holding a magic number. It's good to ensure you're not spammed but does make it harder to get your chat on, especially if you'd rather Metal Gear stealth-it. Also, really popular members can only be contacted if you spend credits, which you receive on a daily basis and can also pay for.

Extra costs: US$10 (RM33) a month for VIP membership. Additional functions like more credits, anonymous browsing, no ads and your sent messages staying at the top of the recipient's inbox 
Pros: Location based // cool interface // verification system // vast database
Cons: Paying to message popular users seems a bit weird 

Get it here for iOS and here for Android

5. HowAboutWe: Plan ahead to get lucky

HowAboutWe works on the idea that people are more interested in what they're doing on a date rather than scrolling through a bunch of profiles trying to find The One. You know what that means: it's time to plan some fun. 

Get lucky this Valentine's Day with 6 fail-proof dating apps - 5. HowAboutWe: Plan ahead to get lucky 2

It can be as laid back as coffee at your local coffee shop (not so fun) or a bonkers as bungee jumping (getting there). It's all up to you and what mischief you're willing to get in to. Post your big idea, and if someone likes it they'll drop you a message. If they don't, think again. 

Extra costs: None
Pros: Let's you focus on date activity // full of date ideas you could nick for Valentine's Day
Cons: Not all members understand the concept - you sometimes see profile descriptions instead of date ideas

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6. Love Out Loud Asia: Quality not quantity?

While most dating apps are good for the amount of choice served up on a daily basis, Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA) does the opposite. It only gives you one option. Per day. So for some, it seems that having a single quality match beats 100 weak ones. And for added anticipation, LOLA only shows you your matches at noon. Oh, the match isn't your bag? Tough, because that’s your match of the day and you’re left hanging until tomorrow for another.

Extra costs: US$1 (RM3.30) to US$50 (RM165) for points
Pros: Quality over quantity // less time consuming
Cons: One profile image only - pay to see more

Get it here for iOS and here for Android

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