Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited in the UK

It’s like a literary Netflix: all-you-can-read ebooks and audiobooks for £7.99 a month
Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited in the UK

Amazon has quietly launched its Kindle Unlimited service in the UK.

Kindle Unlimited, which has been available in the US since July, is a subscription service which offers unlimited access to a huge library of ebooks and audiobooks in exchange for a monthly subscription fee of £7.99.

Subscribers can access over 650,000 Kindle books and “thousands” of audiobooks on any device compatible with Kindle: Kindle ereaders, tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs.

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A quick look through the Kindle Unlimited UK front page reveals a few popular titles among the available selection: The Hunger Games trilogy and Harry Potter series, Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga and Yann Martel’s Life Of Pi. If you’re expecting all the latest bestsellers to pop up as they’re released, we suspect you might be disappointed – but there’s still a huge selection on offer.

If you’re unsure whether to take the plunge and start subscribing, Amazon is offering a free 30-day trial of the service. You can sign up here.

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