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This Cyber Monday deal has persuaded me to switch from Sky Q to Sky Stream

I've been a Sky Q customer for years, but this Black Friday deal means it's finally time to switch to Sky Stream

I, like a lot of people in the UK, pay far too much for Sky TV. It’s a luxury that I feel like I couldn’t live without. But times are tough and money is tight, which is why I’m going to be taking advantage of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday discount on Sky’s over-the-internet Sky Stream service.

The deal in question sees Sky Stream reduced to £19 per month for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is down from the regular price of £26 per month. It includes Netflix and is for an 18-month contract.

I’ve had Sky Q for six years now (I’m a Sky VIP Gold member, don’t you know) and I’m probably not as good at renegotiating a lower price every time my contract ends as I should be.

But I was in no hurry to leave (until this deal came along), I love the simple user interface, the ability to record my favourite shows, and all of the different channels that Sky has to offer. It’s especially good for watching the big US TV shows.

But, as I mentioned in the introduction, times are tough at the moment, everything is getting more expensive, and I need to cut back in a few areas.

Now, getting rid of Sky altogether is completely out of the question – where else would I be able to watch Max Verstappen dominate F1 every, single, weekend?

Enter Sky Stream, a mini internet-powered streaming box which bestows any TV you plug it into with the power of Sky’s apps and services.

You get all of the same channels at Sky Q, but it’s a more affordable way of accessing the content.

Although it’s worth noting there are several add-ons which drive the price up, such as UHD & Dolby Atmos (an extra £6 per month) and the ability to skip adverts (an extra £5 per month).

Check out the Sky Stream deal below:

Sky Stream (incl. Netflix) | was £26 per month | now £19 per month | save £7 per month with Sky

Get access to over 30,000 shows directly over Wi-Fi with Sky Stream. You can lock in a cheaper price for 18 months, or stay flexible with a rolling contract of £22 per month. Add extras such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Kids.

What I like about Sky Stream is how flexible it is – if you’re on the monthly rolling contract then you can cancel whenever you want.

You can also add and remove the extra services on a monthly basis. Decided you don’t want Sky Cinema? Cancel it for a few months, then pick it up again later when there’s a new film you want to watch. Aren’t making the most of UHD and Dolby Atmos? Cancel it!

It’s also perfect if you can’t get a satellite dish installed, as Sky Stream only requires Wi-Fi to work (although you do need a reliable internet connection).

If you need more help deciding whether Sky Stream is right for you, check out our guide to Sky Stream vs Sky Glass vs Sky Q.

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