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I’m expanding my tech art collection with Grid Studio’s 15% discount

Alongside the storewide discount, there are reductions on individual collections.

Grid Studio iPhone 4S in frame

Big fan of tech and not just worried about slipping the top smartphone in your pocket? Grid Studio turns disassembled tech into stunning art pieces, memorialising tech pieces in their glorious parts. And if you’re looking for some tech-themed art to adorn your walls, you can score a discount on the entire collection during the brand’s Spring Sale.

Until the end of March, Grid Studio is slicing 15% off its entire range for a Spring Sale. It’s the perfect time to grab a piece of tech history turned into art. It’s like paying tribute to the ghost of technology past at a price that won’t haunt your wallet. And there are certain devices that are discounted even more. The beautifully dissected iPhone 4S, not just as a phone, but as an art piece, is reduced down to $99.

Grid 4S | was $169 | now $99 | save $70 at Grid Studio

Grid Studio’s Grid 4S puts the individual parts of an old 4S put on display. With around forty pieces, the components are individually placed and glued on a white background. It’s down to $99, and you can score 15% off the entire store as well.

Each Grid Studio piece is meticulously disassembled and artistically arranged. The point is to showcase the beauty of technology that we often take for granted. It’s like peering into the soul of your beloved gadgets. If phones had souls. They don’t just frame phones or gadgets; they frame milestones in tech history.

For anyone who’s ever felt a pang of nostalgia for the good old days of tech, Grid Studio’s work is a poignant reminder of how far we’ve come. And with a few frames already hanging on my walls, the sitewide discount means I’m going to be ordering some more during the sale. There are only 18 on my walls already – surely I need more. Right?

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