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Memorialise the iPod with Grid Studio’s framed iPod Touch teardown

It's a mega hit of nostalgia... in a frame!

Grid Studio offers framed, blown-up teardowns of your favourite classic gadgets. In the company’s Apple collection, you’ll find the Grid iPod Touch, showing off all the guts of Apple’s first touchscreen iPod. Trust us, it’s a lot prettier than it sounds.

The framed accessory showcases the entire first generation iPod Touch, internal components and all. Across the canvas, you’ll find the front display, back case, and all the tech inside sandwiched in-between. It’s easy to spot the battery, logic board, buttons, and cables which are all laid out in order. There’s no need to worry about the old battery spontaneously combusting, Grid Studio uses replica batteries for safety.

Grid Studio has also provided a label for each component, just in case you’re confused, pointing angrily, and yelling “that thing, there”. On the frame, you’ll also find a brief description of the product’s history. And as an extra little surprise, each frame comes with a pop-up pamphlet giving an overview of Apple’s history.

Grid Studio likes to remind you that each frame is art, which is heavily emphasised with the packaging. Each Grid comes wrapped in wax-sealed black wrapping paper, all of which is custom-made. But while your shiny new frame looks great, it’s not all about the aesthetics.

As you might have guessed, Grid Studio is using pre-owned devices. It’s the only way to track down older gadgets, like the first iPhone, first generation iPod Touch, or Game Boy. By using second-hand tech, Grid Studio is implementing a more inventive way to recycle people’s old gear. It helps stop so much tech from ending up in a landfill somewhere. But don’t worry, each frame only uses devices that pass quality inspections, so it’ll still look great in the frame (though not pristine). How’s that for art? Eco-friendly, techy, and aesthetic!

If you’re looking to pick up the Grid iPod Touch, you can purchase it directly from Grid Studio. Usually, it retails for £135, but the framed goodie is currently on offer for £110. There aren’t any framing options, so you’ll receive the standard black frame with white background.

Stuff says… Grid Studio’s framed iPod Touch teardown is a perfect geeky accessory for any tech fans. It memorialises the now discontinued iPod in one of the most aesthetic ways, so is a must-have for any Apple enthusiasts. Not only does it look great, but we also love the environmentally conscious effort Grid Studio packs in. And if the iPod isn’t for you, there are plenty of other Apple gadgets (and non-Apple gadgets) available.

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