21 awesome PS4 tips, tricks and hidden features

13) Create groups

If you’ve got a special circle of friends who you game with and/or message regularly you can add them into one group, making joint messages and party invites a mere button press (or two) away.

Go to Friends, Add Favourite Group, select those special lucky few, and you’re all set to interact with them in various ways from the Favourite Groups tab in the Friends menu.

14) Double tap for efficiency

If you double tap the PlayStation button you can swap between your two most recent screens.

This comes in very handy in situations like, for example, gaming while messaging friends. Once you’ve opened up messages while in a game, double tapping the PlayStation button will flick you between the messages and game screen. A single press will still take you to the main home screen, as always.

15) Measure up to your mates

Competition is built into our genes, and there’s nothing quite better than knowing you’ve earned more fake digital points in games than your mates.

To compare trophies and achievements with people on your friends list, go to Trophies, click on Compare Trophies, scroll down to whoever you want to measure up against and cry/whoop with joy as required.

16) Use an ethernet cable

There is no way to make this sound interesting, but you really should use a wired ethernet cable connection if possible if you want the smoothest online experience and faster downloads.

Plug it in, go to Settings, Network, Setup Internet Connection, then cover your PS4 in maple syrup and do a jig. Oh wait, we meant select Use a LAN Cable. Silly us.