Preorder limited edition Heroes of the Storm laptops from MSI

Shiny notebooks for the hardcore Heroes of the Storm fans

MSI's teamed up with Blizzard for a series of Heroes of the Storm-branded, limited edition laptops. Basically, the company is taking its GT80, GE62 and GT72 models and pretty-ing them up with Heroes of the Storm artwork.

As MSI has a good track record when it comes to premium gaming laptops, expect some sweet specs onboard. All three of the models on offer are running on Intel Skylake processors. The GT80 6QE-HOS is an 18.4-inch notebook with an i7 processor and GTX980M 8GB graphic card, with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard disk, retailing at RM16,999. A 17-inch model, the T72 6QE-HOS Dominator Pro G also has an i7 processor with the same graphic card as the GT80, but has 16GB of RAM and retails for RM12,999. Or you could settle for the 15-inch GE62 6QF Apache Pro HOS that comes with an i7, a 3GB GTX 970M and 8GB of RAM for RM7,499.

To preorder the models, you can go to the Asashi store at Wangsa Walk Mall from Oct 13 to 18, and receive a free MSI Dragon plushie and key chain. After the 18th, you can preorder the notebooks from authorised MSI retailers, but only until Oct 30.

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