Nintendo US Will Fix The Switch’s “Joy-Con Drift” Issue Free Of Charge, But What About Malaysia?

Nintendo addressing the issue with free repairs to all Switch users, including those outside of warranty period

It’s no doubt that Nintendo has made groundbreaking success with the Switch, a device that can be enjoyed as a traditional home video game console, or as a highly portable gaming handheld - all this at the user’s will, anytime that they desire. Despite already being out in the market for more than two years now, users have recently reported a recurring defect with the Switch’s wireless Joy-Con controllers, where the left analog stick inputs movement commands even when it’s untouched - this issue is now commonly known as “Joy-Con drift”.


Following an extensive initial report by Kotaku in regards to the Switch’s “Joy-Con Drift” problem, Nintendo USA has responded that it will now provide repairs or replacements free-of-charge to all Switch owners, including to those past their warranty period. A Nintendo representative commented on their official website stating that the company takes “great pride in creating quality products” and that “we are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding correctly.”


So what about Nintendo Switch owners in Malaysia?



As a Switch owner myself, I’ve reached out to the Malaysian branch of MaxSoft Pte Ltd (the sole and official distributor of Nintendo products in Singapore and Malaysia) for comment regarding the “Joy-Con Drift” issue. MaxSoft’s customer service responded that they currently will service defective Switch consoles or accessories that are currently under warranty. But when enquired about Nintendo’s official decision to include free-of-charge services to Switch consoles that have exceeded its warranty period, the representative could not comment on it just yet, but instead informed me to stay tuned to MaxSoft’s official website and social media for any possible announcements regarding this matter. Fingers crossed.


This is not the first time Nintendo’s latest console received complaints in regards to defects found in its controllers, as early adopters had also experienced connectivity problems with the left Joy-Con back in 2017, just weeks after its official release. Nintendo then also offered free replacements for the defective Joy-Con, and later on would release newer batches of the Switch with an updated left controller.



With exciting games such as Astral Chain, and Pokemon: Sword & Shield releasing soon, we just hope the “Joy-Con drift” issue will get in the way of our gaming experience, let alone the possibility of it occurring on our own personal Switch consoles. Knocking on wood as I type this out, and we also hope this defect would not find its way to the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite.