The Next Huawei Device To Use HarmonyOS Is A Smartwatch

Huawei's foray into smartwatches hasn't been great so far

As per previous reports, Huawei mainly intends to release their own OS on other gadgets first before their own smartphones. While they have already set up HarmonyOS for the Honor Vision Smart TV, it looks like the next device to have the HarmonyOS is their smartwatch.

Huawei's foray into the smartwatch business hasn't made much traction admittedly. The company’s past offerings came with its own Lite OS as well as Google’s Wear OS and with the shrinking market for Wear OS, Huawei believes it's the right time to test the waters with its new OS on smartwatches. 

The company believes itheir new OS may give it a better shot at competing with the likes of Samsung and Apple on the smart wearables front. If all goes well with the Honor Vision Smart TV, the option for a new smartphone may work out after all.