Melchior is MB&F’s RM128,800 R2-D2-inspired roboclock

Time for some robot action

What are we looking at here?

Isn’t it obvious? Playful watchmaker MB&F has designed a table clock in the form of a badass robot to give visitors to your home major clock-envy. Created to mark MB&F’s 10th anniversary, Melchior is the result of Star Wars fan and watchmaker Maximilian Büsser’s desire for a robot friend, just like R2-D2.

Is this a smart clock? How am I supposed to tell time with this?!

Sometimes it’s perfectly acceptable to stay analog. Especially when it’s as captivating as this little guy here. High-end Swiss clockmaker L’Epée 1839 is behind the mechanical movements. It might look a little complicated, but it’s really quite simple. The two dials on Melchior’s chest indicate hours and minutes, while the dial on its stomach reflects how you’re getting along in terms of a healthy 40-day long power reserve. That movement you see in its glass-domed head? That’s the regulating system to keep the clock alive.

What about the fun bits?

Of course, the clock is not without its promise of fun, given its form factor. You can move its armed arms up and down to aim its gatling gun and rocket launcher at the house cat. Don’t worry, they don’t actually work but you can detach the gun that doubles up as a key to set the clock via the two pegs in its back, just like a wind-up toy robot.

What must I do to get one? Name my firstborn Melchior?

Nah, that would have no effect except subject your unfortunate child to a lifetime of misery. You just have to maybe work three jobs all at once, survive on air and water, and save up S$57,400 (~RM1.5m) fast enough to score one of the 99 units available worldwide. Best be combing the job ads right now. The clock is ticking.