Mark Zuckerberg embraces real books with his very own Book Club

Getting more people to read good books isn't a bad thing, really
Mark Zuckerberg embraces real books with his very own Book Club

In a move that will spawn a million and one Oprah jokes and comparisons, Mark Zuckerberg has started a book club. On a page dubbed A Year of Books, new books will be added every two weeks and the floodgates open to book discussions.

The first book was "The End of Power" by Moses Naim and Naim was gratified to see sales of his book spike.

Reading is good, kids

In an age where authors are talking about Amazon and ebooks killing them off and hurting their rice bowls, here is an Internet endeavour that will encourage actual reading that goes beyond just Web articles or the odd social media post.

"My challenge for 2015 is to read a new book every other week -- with an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies," Zuckerberg said and it is a resolution that isn't particularly rare. But it's a tactic often encouraged, making yourself more accountable for your goals by announcing them and doing them publicly.

While some authors despise being put in special 'celebrity' lists and complain they will be taken less seriously (Hello, Jonathan Franzen), authors who would not normally have the kind of exposure Zuckerberg would give them would likely be grateful.

It's also a reminder of how well Facebook has functioned as an easy means to have group discussions between strangers as compared to the slower, less user-friendly medium of Internet forums.

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