Logitech G hits all the right notes with do-it-all Artemis Spectrum gaming headphone duo

The Logitech G933 and Logitech G633 are the cans you need for sound appreciation

The gaming world has never experienced audiophile-grade headphones, cans with a can-do-it-all attitude - until today.

And they come fresh from Logitech's audio labs. Developed from the ground up, both the wireless Logitech G933 and connected Logitech G633 feature the powerful patent-pending Pro-G drivers.

Whether it’s listening to music, watching Gravity, or playing your favourite Battlefield, the Artemis Spectrum range will deliver in all departments with equal punch, since all soundtracks are created equal these days. Plus the headphones give you the options of utilizing either Dolby and DTS surround sound options for an all immersive experience across multiple platforms including PCs, smartphones and of course, consoles.

For those who like to march to the beat of their own drum, both pairs of cans are fully customisable with plates you can swap out, RGB lighting for the rainbow effect, and three programmable macro keys.

The main difference between the two is that the wireless G933 comes with a wireless mix adaptor that can connect and mix sound from up to three devices while the wired G633 only does that across two devices, if multitasking across sound sources is your thing.

Unfortunately for us, the Logitech G933 won’t be retailing in Malaysia, but the G633 will be for RM599 from mid September onwards. So hang in there, it won’t be long before every sound you listen to out of and in-game is given the all-star treatment.