Latest rumour says the Galaxy Note 6 could have a 6in screen

A much bigger No 6 might be a tougher sell

As the rumours keep coming in about the latest Galaxy Note device (incoming this August most likely), the latest is that the latest Galaxy Note 6 phone might have a big bump in screen size.

The source of this rumour is the website, an import-export database. It showed a device with the serial number SM-930R4 coming into the country from South Korea and it is said the serial corresponds to the Galaxy Note 6. As the phone was imported as recently as 1 July, it seems legitimate.

Not much is known about the listed evice except that it has a 6in display as opposed to the expected 5.7in model. Yet it's a rumour we might have to take with a pinch of salt as it could just be a simple case of data input error.

At the moment, it seems pretty much certain the next Samsung Galaxy Note phone will boast a Snapdragon 823 processor, 6GB of RAM as well as a USB Type-C port.

For a roundup of what we know about the phone so far, check out our latest preview which compiles all the (most likely) buzz about the Galaxy Note 6 in one handy place.

[Source: GizmoChina]