HTC might have changed its mind – the arrival of its smartwatch is highly likely

And it’s apparently going to be an Apple Watch killer
HTC may have changed its mind – the arrival of its smartwatch is highly likely

HTC’s been toying with our minds and emotions. Fine, we admit, all the anguish is self-inflicted since it hasn't officially confirmed or denied the possibility (or lack) of a HTC smartwatch.

Now, word’s out on the street that HTC’s going ahead with its plans of making its own smartwatch, and we feel it in our fingers and toes that there will be one. Our guess is as good as yours – it was possibly just waiting for the Apple Watch to rear its pretty head before it can respond and try to out-design and outsmart it.

According to a report on CNET, HTC still wants in on the wearable devices space and plans to unveil this purported device sometime in early 2015. Sources have indicated that the unit wants to “stand out from the crowd” with its design and features that relate more with consumers.

Sneak peek

We first caught a glimpse of the smartwatch in a video HTC may have accidentally (or purposely) leaked on its YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen it already, it appears on the 35 and 43 second marks of the video.

This piece of news of course, clouds the idea that HTC could be unveiling a smartwatch at its upcoming event in New York on 8 October (we were quite looking forward to that and regardless, are still keeping our hopes up.

There’s one important lesson we need to take away from HTC’s apparent change in mind in moving into the smartwatch space – it feels strongly about the future of smartwatches, which means, you can expect its take-up in future to be phenomenal.

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[Source: CNET and Business Insider]