Fujifilm goes Instax Square with the SQ10

The first hybrid Instax that’s part instant camera, part digital shooter

Is this a new Fujifilm Instax camera?

You’re half right. The Fujifilm SQ10 marries its retro-inspired Instax instant photos with the power of digital photography. You shoot photos using its 3.7MP digital sensor, edit them using any of the ten different filters and print them in Instax Square film. Doesn’t that sound like a popular photo app...

Square, you mean like Instagram photos

Precisely, my dear Watson. Instead of the usual Instax film, the Fujifilm SQ10 prints photos in a new Instax Square 86mm x 72mm film (the actual photo measuring 62mm x 62mm). Kind of like how Polaroids used to be. Or Instagram, whichever you prefer.

What are the specs, Sherlock?

Especially for you camera aficionados - there’s a 28.5mm fixed lens (35mm equivalent) with f/2.4 aperture on the front. Turn it around and you’ll find a 3-inch colour LCD screen with 460K dot resolution. There’s a regular tripod mount on the bottom.

So it’s a digital camera with printer

Kind of, but with autofocus, exposure control, facial recognition, close ups as close as 4 inches and shutter buttons on both sides of the camera (lefties, it’s time to celebrate). Apart from the ten filters, you can also control vignette and brightness like any photo shot on your smartphone, but with the added option to print them immediately. 

How many photos can I pack into this?

Digitally, the Fujifilm SQ10 holds up to 50 photos without an SD Card. Print wise, you can buy a pack of 10 photos for US$17 (RM75 approx, ouch), but look at it this way, you’re only printing the photos you want without fail shots. And you can also print photos taken from any camera - just slot the SD card and you’re set.

I've got to have this for my next holiday

If you’re flying after May this year, you can bring along the Fujifilm SQ10 for US$280 (RM1230 approx).