Brace yourselves, Microsoft’s smartwatch might debut in October

Fancy a smartwatch with 11 sensors and a display inside the wrist?
Brace yourselves, Microsoft’s smartwatch may debut in October

Many of you might be getting your wallets ready for the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, or Motorola Moto 360. On the other hand, some of you might be waiting to throw your monies at Apple for its iWatch or maybe, even one by HTC.

Well, now there’s one more smartwatch to add to that mix – Microsoft’s. If you’ve been regularly reading Stuff, you’d already know that some patents filed by the company suggest it will focus on heath and fitness, as well as be compatible with smartphones that aren’t its own.

Now, there’s a new set of rumours that build up on what’s already out there. A “trusted source” of Tom’s Hardware has implied that the cross-platform smartwatch will have 11 sensors under its hood to continuously track and monitor your heart rate, and sync that data with your smartphone.

If looks do matter...

If looks do matter...

The source also apparently confirmed the unit won’t be massive like the smartwatches unveiled at Google’s I/O conference, but rather feature a flatter, thinner, and slimmer body – somewhat like the Nike Fuelband or Acer Liquid Leap.

But what'll set it apart is its purported display on the inside of the wrist. It seems that turning up your palm to view the display feels more natural, but we beg to differ – imagine the damage it’ll cause every time you work on your desk.

In addition, the source indicated we might expect the model to be rolled out sometime in October this year, but sadly, did not specify anything about its cost. 

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[Source: Tom's Hardware