With smartphone technology expanding further and further, it's always good to cater to those who would like a piece of new tech for their smartphones without breaking the bank. Entry-level smartphones have managed to cater to those in the mid-to-low earning market and are continuously upping their game to maintain that affordability while also delivering quality tech. 

The same can be said with the Huawei Y7 Pro, an entry-level smartphone that comes with technology from Huawei's midrange smartphones and higher such as AI and EMUI. This is a great addition for users on a budget to experience Huawei's latest technology, but does it match with  recent entry-level smartphones in the market? We find out.


High end design

The Huawei Y7 Pro looks trendy and attractive for an entry-level smartphone. With a glossy polycarbonate back panel and a gradient color pattern, the Y7 Pro has the look of higher-end spectrum smartphones as this is a rising trend. It comes in three colours; Aurora Blue, Midnight Black and Coral Red It's also clear that the smartphone is intended for youths, and that's not a bad thing either. 

In terms of overall feel of the phone, it does feel good in your hands with all buttons placed within reach well enough without any strain. The phone uses a micro-usb and has a headphone jack, so you can still listen to music using traditional headphones. It comes with a dewdrop display, similar to the HUAWEI Mate 20 series.


It does lack a fingerprint scanner as part of its security features, but that's replaced with face recognition security instead. The technology of which is great for those who'd much rather prefer a faster way to unlock their smartphones, and the Y7 Pro does a good job on this thus far, as unlocking using facial recognition proved little to no issues. But if you're wont to using fingerprint as the preferred form of unlocking and worry about security issues with facial recognition, you should look elsewhere.

AI camera

The Y7 Pro has a 13MP camera on the back that has a wide aperture of f/1.8 with 16 virtual f-stops. The biggest highlight of this camera is its AI functions that is able to recognise over 22 different categories and more than 150 scenes, optimising colours and sceneries when it's turned on. Videos can be take up to FHD though it lacks any stabilisation features. 

The same cannot be said for their front camera of 2MP, and it does show as the camera is grainy and any effects you try to use such as the beauty filter has little to no effect. It also does not come with the AI technology mentioned, so if you're after any camera features it's recommended to stick to the main camera.

Keep it simple

As an entry-level smartphone, the best way to utilise the Y7 Pro is for simple tasks such as messaging and streaming videos. In terms of quality for videos it may not be up to par but it does what it needs to do well. Plus the battery life lasts more than a day which makes it an ideal smartphone for those on the go.

The smartphone unit we reviewed was given to us by the Asia Pacific branch which means it was not officially available in Malaysia yet during review. Now that it has been officially announced for Malaysia, we can confirm that the price of the Huawei Y7 Pro is at MYR 649 and is now available on Huawei's official website.

Stuff says... 

Huawei Y7 Pro review

With the addition of AI, the Huawei Y7 Pro has some pretty cool functions in their camera. But with a 3GB Ram, its speed leaves a lot to be desired.
Good Stuff 
Long battery life with simple daily tasks
AI enabled camera takes nice shots
Bad Stuff 
Front camera is grainy at 2MP
Low RAM of 3GB