Tag Heuer added a modest 589 diamonds to its Connected Modular 45 smartwatch

And it’s now the most expensive smartwatch on the planet
17 January 2018 / 2:57MYT

Stuff reader - it’s maths time. We converted the 190,000 CHF (Swiss Franc) price tag that has been slapped on Tag Heuer’s new diamond-encrusted smartwatch into Malaysian Ringgit (roughly RM784,000), and decided to see how many Apple Watch Series 3s (GPS) you could buy with the same amount. The answer? Over 500. An Apple Watch Series 3 for every day of the year, with a great deal left over. Got that? Great. So, this watch. It’s studded with 23.35 carats of baguette-sized diamonds, all 589 of them complimented by an 18K white gold finish. Beneath all that is pretty much the same Android Wear 2.0 ticker we gave four stars to last year. It has a pin-sharp OLED display, an Intel Z34XX CPU processor, 1GB of RAM, GPS, and a passable battery life. So if you’re on a roll with lottery jackpots and like the idea of having a wrist more valuable than a very nice sports car, you should totally buy one.