It’s easy to be fooled by these imitation gadgets at CES Asia 2016


The hoverboard, or as we like to call them two-wheelers, is one of the most copied idea over the last two years. So it’s not surprising that the Chinese companies are also looking at imitating other forms of personal electric vehicle ideas. The irony for the I-Walk PEV though, it’s that the company is borrowing heavily, and by that we mean wholesale, from a fellow Chinese company’s work. 

A clone of Ninebot Mini

Okay, you’ve got to admit that at least the extended colour options that include blue and pink would catch your fancy. But when we stepped on this Ninebot Mini clone, it’s hard to discern if it’s the real thing, other than the colours. Though the demo units functioned normally and seemed safe, there’s no telling how prolonged usage will be like.