Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Is Sammy’s 2-in-1 any good in the pro war?

Hybrids, hybrids everywhere.

Microsoft’s got the Surface Pro, Apple has the iPad Pro and now, Samsung has just announced the Galaxy TabPro S - a 2-in-1 running Windows 10. But is this hybridisation any good?

Lookin' good

First impressions? The 12-inch TabPro S feels solid and substantial, really nice in the hand with its slim and light form factor. Windows 10 has never looked better on its Super AMOLED screen, packing 2160 x 1440 of crisp detail in its big, bold display. You know, the same type of display you’re already spoilt by on your Samsung flagship phone.

You might be concerned about how much battery that gorgeous display is soaking up, but we’ve heard that it will last a perfectly respectable 10.5 hours with its 5200mAh juicebox, enough to get you through a full work day. Plus, it comes with fast charging tech, again, the same stuff you’re used to on your Samsung phone. We like the standards being upheld here.

Under the hood’s a dual core 2.2GHz Intel Core M processor and 4GB RAM. While opening and switching windows was a fluid affair with no discernible lag, we’ll still have to put it through the torturous task of enduring our daily multitasking grind to see how it truly fares under the heat.

Lone connection

And now we come to the reason why it’s so thin, there’s only one USB-C port. That means if you want the dexterity of using a mouse and the option of plugging your other peripherals in, you’ll have to cough up for the port hub with HDMI, USB Type-A and Type-C ports. You win some, you lose some.

If you’ve got a 2015 Samsung Galaxy phone and newer, just tap it to the left of the trackpad (yes, there’s one!) where an NFC tag is embedded and you’ll only need to scan your fingerprint on your phone to unlock your TabPro S.

Sure, it might be faster to type in your password, but it’s also a way of syncing your tablet up with your phone for its next neat trick - Galaxy Continuity. This will facilitate receiving notifications and replying text messages directly via your tablet, so you don’t have to keep checking on your phone while you’re in full-on work mode.

Just your type

Samsung is really stepping its design game up. The keyboard attaches very securely to the tablet as it also comes with a back flap that sticks magnetically and covers the rear of the TabPro S fully. That means front and back protection for your precious Sammy hybrid with the convenience of having a full keyboard at your disposal.

Nudge the fold back and it folds into another angle, perfect for using on your lap although we didn’t get the chance to get into lotus position and see if it’s sturdy enough to hold up under our fast and furious typing.

The keys have good give as we typed and our only complaint is that they do feel a little plasticky. Obviously, this is down to personal preferences so don’t hate on us.

But guess what the best part is? Unlike the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro, Samsung is going to bundle the keyboard cover with the tablet. Hallelujah.


We’ll need to spend more than an hour with the TabPro S to evaluate it fully. But from what we’ve gleaned, it’s less compromising and more than promising. Expect to see it in February.