8 emoji you’ve been using all wrong on WhatsApp

Dizzy face

Expectation: I’ve always thought this emoji conveyed shock. I also find it especially useful to tell friends how I’m teetering on the brink of death when I have to work way past office hours. 

Reality: It still makes sense. This is the dizzy expression, and if you look closely at the emoji you have, there’s another one that looks almost exactly like it, except for a slight difference in the mouth. That conveys astonishment. To make it more convincing, Unicode is contemplating replacing the ‘X’s with swirls.

Persevering face

Expectation: I know this! It’s...anguish. Or when you’re supposed to feel bad about something. Right?

Reality: Guess again. That is not an apologetic expression, despite what that turned-down mouth implies. It’s apparently a look of perseverance. We know, we couldn’t have possibly guessed it either. 

Relieved face

Expectation: This would be the emoji equivalent of that “Keep Calm and Do Whatever” meme making its rounds on social media, no?

Reality: Close, but not exactly. That zen expression you think you see is actually one of relief. Neither is it a sleeping-with-a-smile-on-your-face emoji simply because no one in their right mind does that.