6 tips to master your Apple Watch

Navigate your shiny new smartwatch with ease

There can be a steep learning curve when it comes to WatchOS 3, seeing as it’s one of the most complex operating systems on the wearable market.

But that also means there's an incredible amount of opportunity for customisation with this versatile watch, and with enough savvy, you’ll be bending the Apple Watch to your will in no time.


Apple has killed Glances; now it’s all about the App Dock. To bring some order, go to your Watch app, tap Dock, then Edit. Tap ‘+’ buttons to add favourite apps to the Dock, and ‘-’ to banish rubbish ones, using drag handles to reorder the list.

Want to re-arrange apps? Long-press, then drag. If you’ve just used an app you’d like to stash, press the Side button and it’ll be in the Recent slot.


Apple has added new faces in watchOS 3, in the Watch app. Tap the Face Gallery tab to view the new, featured and themed collections. Tap one and Add. Back in the My Watch tab, tap Edit next to My Faces to sort added faces.

On your Apple Watch, you can switch between faces by swiping from the left or right screen edge. This comes in handy when you customise your faces with ‘complications’…


A number of watch faces have slots for complications: app-related nuggets of info, or icons to launch an app. All pre-installed Apple apps have them, but the best are often found on third-party apps. To find these, tap-hold the watch face, swipe to the complication editing screen, tap on a complication slot, then use the Digital Crown to pick one.


Not in the mood to be yelling at Siri? The Workout app can be accessed quickly if you set it as a complication. Pro tip: when you’re working out, swipe from the left and tap Lock. Now whatever taps your screen won’t affect it.

If you fancy being more social, visit the Sharing tab in Activities, inviting people to share Activity with you. You can check their progress in the Apple Watch Activity app.


In the Watch app’s My Watch tab, go to General > Emergency SOS. Here, you can defi ne up to three SOS contacts, and set whether holding the Side button automatically calls emergency services. Now you can hold the Side button for several seconds to call for help (your Apple Watch beeps a countdown), simultaneously firing text messages at your pals.


Messages on Apple Watch are now smarter, thanks to contextual single-prod replies. You can also long-press on a message to send a Tapback symbol like a thumbs-up. But the big new thing is Scribble, which you use to write replies manually, one letter at a time. It’s surprisingly effective and works within many apps beyond Messages.