6 ingenious ways we want the Apple Watch to work in Malaysia

Panic Button Straight To PDRM

The recent years have been a trying one for Malaysia, with crime rates seemingly rising gradually. Social media platforms are rife with posts about robberies and snatchings appearing a little more often than comfortable.

If by some twist of fate you find yourself in a compromising situation, it would be very useful to fire up a predetermined set of gestures or commands to send an alert via the PDRM app, letting the men in black know exactly where you are and hopefully put a bad guy behind bars.

Hail a cab without lifting your arm

Sometimes you just want to get driven around, in luxury no less. Sure you could pull out your phone and do It via the dedicated Uber app but where’s the fun in that?

Use your Apple Watch to transmit your exact location and watch as you don’t even have to take your phone out to see where exactly your Uber driver is. Those worried about safety can relax as once you get in the car, the watch could transmit your trip details to a designated contact.

Solve the pertinent “What Do You Want To Eat” question

Don’t you hate it when you get asked this question by your friends or your significant other? Don’t you hate it even more when you ask the question and you get “anything” or “up to you” as an answer? Next time, let your Apple Watch do the thinking!

At a press of a button, you could have access to all eateries in the vicinity as well as detailed directions on how to get there by foot/car depending on your familiarity of the area. Even better, cross reference it with EatDrinkKL if the venue has appeared in the app and prioritise accordingly.