The 25 hottest gadgets of May 2014

Niwa: grow your own with a phone


This climate-controlled hydroponic chamber looks like it belongs on a space station, but it's completely down to Earth. Tell it what veg you're growing using the smartphone app, and it'll do the hard work, doling out water and nutrients to ensure you get a perfect crop. 

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Orée Pebble 2: A gorgeous wooden wireless charger

Orée Pebble 2

A wooden paperweight? Nope – this minimalist gadget is a wireless charging device with a built-in 360-degree Bluetooth speaker and mic. Class up your charging.

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Gi-Bike: a smart electric bike that folds up in a flash


This could be the ultimate commuter cycle: it's a folding electric bike with a smartphone mount, and Revolights-style illuminated wheels. All of the handy cycling innovations in one gorgeous-looking package.

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La Fenice: the first electromagnetic coffee maker

La Fenice

This slick-looking coffee machine uses electromagnetic induction to heat up in a flash – that means it uses 80 per cent less energy than conventional coffee makers, and can whip up either an espresso or a filter coffee on command.

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Skylock: a solar-powered smart bike lock


Built by ex-Boeing and Jawbone engineers, Skylock is the ultimate bicycle bodyguard – it's got a custom dual-lock design, it'll send you an alert if someone's trying to crack it, and can even tell if you've been in a bike accident.

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