The 25 best Apple Watch apps (that we’re actually using)

Cheatsheet (free)

If you don’t need the security of 1Password but still fancy quick access to bite-sized notes (such as Wi-Fi passwords and door combinations), Cheatsheet’s an excellent download. Each tiny information nugget comprises a piece of text and custom icon, and cheats can be synced from the iPhone app.

You can also edit and create new cheats directly on Apple Watch (by way of dictation), along with using one of these notes as a complication. Just don’t make it your credit card PIN, eh?

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BBC News (free)

The problem with most news apps on Apple Watch is they try to be too clever, when all you really want is to rifle through some headlines. Most have sluggish page-swipe interfaces that get old fast.

BBC News understands such problems and avoids them entirely, hence why it’s the news app we keep returning to. You get headlines for the top stories, a user-defined ‘My News’ list you build in the iPhone app, and ‘most read’. Tap a headline and you get a synopsis under a tiny photo. Using Handoff, you can continue reading the current item on your iPhone.

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Citymapper (free)

On the iPhone, Citymapper is fantastic, giving you point-to-point directions for a range of supported cities, and location-based public transport details and alerts. The Apple Watch app is equally good, offering rapid access to favourite places, and information about nearby trains, buses, ferries and more.

Journey steps are clearly outlined, providing all the assistance you need, such as times of upcoming trains, stops on your route, and tiny maps that link through to Apple’s Maps app. We just wish it could somehow magically work for every town and city in the world rather than just the handful of (mainly) capitals it's currently set up for.

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Find Near Me (free)

On the iPhone, Find Near Me is a strange one — perhaps the most powerful of the simple freebie apps for finding local amenities and stores, but, boy, is it ugly. On Apple Watch, though, the tiny display has clearly forced the developer to simplify and the result is excellent: clear buttons to access a category, and then a results list with names and directions.

Tap an item and you get further details, including reviews for restaurants and the means to get directions by foot, bike or car. Handily, there’s Siri search integration, too, for when the predefined categories don’t cover where you want to go.

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Shazam (free)

Shazam is an app that elicited squeaks of joy from onlookers upon its arrival on smartphones. You’d waggle your smartphone about, and it’d figure out what music was playing nearby. Now, that’s old hat, but on a smartwatch… Yeah, it’s still a lot of fun.

During testing, the app proved remarkably reliable, didn’t miss a trick regarding selling you things (you can use Handoff to buy the current track in iTunes on your iPhone), and for many songs there are live lyrics. If people didn’t think you periodically peering at your wrist when notifications arrive was annoying enough, just imagine how thrilled they’ll be with you bellowing something awful by Coldplay when you’ve had one too many drinks but can still just about focus on your wrist.

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