The 10 best classic Asian horror comedies

The Dead and the Deadly (1982)

The Dead and the Deadly was a direct sequel to Encounters, but even so, it was more or less a standalone story. Using the same actors, playing more or less the same roles, but telling a different tale. Lazy scriptwriting or a winning formula? We will never know.

More importantly, since audiences reacted well to the humor in the previous movie, so the new offering featured even more physical comedy and slapstick humor - which would come to define and set the tone for the rest of the genre movies to follow. You can also observe Lam Ching Ying developing the character of the monobrow priest, before he eventually got it right in Mr. Vampire.

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Troublesome night (1997)

This movie series is not so much entertainment as an institution. With 18 sequels in its wake, Troublesome Night has featured some of Hong Kong's most well known actors including Law Lan, the most famous ghostly granny in Asian cinema.

What really is a horror comedy anthology of spooky stories gets lazily tied together as interconnected stories - with the hauntings traveling from one character to another. While lacking the action hijinks of the jiangshi movies, the Troublesome Night series is rich in madcap Hong Kong humor, with the cacophonous city as a refreshing modern (back in the day) backdrop.

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