ZTE’s Axon 7 features a 2K display, high-res audio and input from BMW

Meaty specs have us hoping this smartphone makes its way to India soon

After a long dry spell when mid-rangers seemed to be the new smartphone kings, it’s time for the flagship to make a return. Joining the fray is ZTE’s new Axon 7


We’ve been going ga-ga over value-packed mid-range devices for a while. But let’s face it: Just like a healthy diet can’t sustain us forever and we soon succumb to the charms of a barbecue and beer, we also crave ‘damn the expense, just give me the best’ devices.


This way, sir

Enter the Axon 7, ZTE’s new entrant into what’s once again becoming a popular space to be in. LG’s G5 and Samsung’s S7 are already here, Apple will have something new for us soon, and even Motorola is said to be coming up with its interpretation of a modular, high-end device. In all, good days for anyone who’s got a bulging wallet!


The Axon 7 should fit in perfectly with the rest of this high-powered bunch. For starters, there’s design input from BMW’s DesignWorks. You get dual speakers, and the sound system uses high-end audio chips and, guess what, it’s been tuned with input from music professors (our eyebrows are reaching towards outer space). There’s also support for Dolby Atmos and a mic that can pick up sound from as far as 8 metres away.


Brutal yet suave

The camera’s no shrinking violet either - it’s got a 20MP, f/1.8 sensor with ‘dual image stabilisation’ and 4K video recording, and ZTE claims they’ve done some stellar work in reducing noise. There’s more ‘premium’ stuff as well: a 2K, 5.5in AMOLED display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, microSD support, USB Type-C, and Android Marshmallow. Before you ask, the Axon 7 will also support Google’s Daydream VR tech.


Phew, the specs are indeed up there, and we expect a flagship-slaying price too. So could all you eager-beaver smartphone addicts please ask ZTE to hurry up?