Stuff May issue out now!

And this month we are all about upgrading your old gadgets

You honestly can not be expected to fork our an outrageous sum of money every six months for a new toy and just throw away your perfectly working old gizmo. 

In our cover story of the May issue, we'll take you through 25 upgrade options for gadgets you already own and love. 

As always, we've also played around with the latest toys in the world including the Panasonic 4K FZ300, the amazing HTC Vive and the  LG G5. 

We got sick of trying to pick a large phone for our Hagrid-sized hands so we did a phablet supertest in the May issue of Stuff magazine to crown a winner for once and for all among all the big smartphones out there. 

We also played a lot of Tom Clancy's The Division so we could write an in-depth review. Everything we do, we do it for you dear reader.

Too much tech? We took out the Renault Duster and the Triumph Tiger for a very long and very satisfactory spin. 

We aren’t done yet. There's a lot more where that came from. The biggest tech launches, the choicest apps, the what to watch out for, and what not to watch, we’ve got all covered.

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