The OnePlus 3T has extra helpings of style and spec

The T stands for TurboXtremeEdition. Probably. Maybe

Hang on a minute, Bucko. I’ve only just got a piggin' OnePlus 3. 

Ah, you’re already a OnePlusser eh? Congratulations. It's sitting on top of our top 10 smartphones, you know.

Don’t fret, though - the 3T might be newer, but its upgrades are subtle. Don’t go and wallow in a muddy swamp of buyer’s remorse just yet.

Go on then. Make me feel better.

Righty ho. Well for starters, the standard grey colour has been replaced with a sexier, dark Gunmetal Grey, which, if you ask us, looks absolutely ace. There’s still a subtle gold version too though, if you’re into something a little more blingy.

The only other external change is the rear camera’s sapphire glass cover, which should make it unscratchable by anything bar a diamond - as long as you’re not strolling around with loose Dremel heads in your pocket, you’re sorted.

Hmm… I do like the sound of that grey. Anything else?

Weeeeell, it does happen to have a newer, faster processor in the form of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821, compared to the standard model’s 820 brains.

The Snapdragon 821 is also found in the Google Pixel, but in all honesty, you’re unlikely to spot any difference in speed in everyday use, so there’s no need to get too jelly.

The same 6GB of RAM is on the cards too, so you’re safe there, though if you’re a selfie fan, the bump up to a 16MP front-facing camera from an 8MP affair might tempt you.

Oh dear… anything else?

The battery is a little larger at 3400mAh - that’s a whole 400 mAhs bigger! Though how much difference that’ll make, coupled with the newer processor, remains to be seen. Still, denser batteries are always welcome in these Tinder-swiping, meme-swiping days.

Overall then, minor tweaks, probably nothing drastic enough to tempt you away from your trusty regular OnePlus 3.

Too late. You had me at gunmetal grey.

Ah. In that case, you’re probably going to want to know that the OnePlus 3T will hit shelves on 14 December in India, for ₹29,999 (64GB model) and 34,999 (128GB model).

Here’s to hoping there’s no OnePlus 3T2 lurking around the corner...